The Faux-Naïve Candor of Brian Kershisnik

Kev Nelelka, Writer and Curator (2014)


The poignant, double-edged romanticisms of Brian Kershisnik’s folk-inspired paintings often explore universal notions of human connectedness.  His signature faux-naïve style provokes feelings of nostalgia and insight into the complexity and authenticity of our inimitable human relationships.  Familial bonds, communal identity and individual spirituality are all realized within numerous works of this exhibition.  Expectedly, these are not previously undiscovered territories, yet Kershisnik’s art uncovers a sincere exploration of traditional themes and motifs through an exciting and profound lens.


His ability to render ordinary environs in the light of a rather playful, faux-naïve aesthetic, Kershisnik explains, “I think faux-naïvete is almost like looking into what is generally seen as a more naïve version of the world but for some reason seems to be closer to the core of the issue than further away.”It is this consideration that allows for numerous thought-provoking juxtapositions to occur in his art, for example, the metaphysical elements of fantasy-folk art and the seemingly insignificant moments of everyday narratives, or the simultaneous manifestation of lightheartedness and gravitas.Brian Kershisnik’s art is a candid reminder that interhuman relationships are always multidimensional and that the magical and the mundane are brilliant counterparts in the surprise of earthbound mortality.