Enjoy these videos, podcasts, and articles about Brian and his work.  Check back with us from time to time for additional peeks into Kershisnik Studios.

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Glen Nelson Interview’s Brian Kershisnik, September 2019

Access the podcast of Brian’s recent interview with Glen Nelson of the Center for Latter-day Saint Arts at


TEDx Talks: Brian Kershisnik, Harvesting from Chaos

Published on May 3, 2019

Chaos is imperative to the human experience. Each day we are challenged by problems that need our innovative solutions. Artist Brian Kershisnik shares basic tools to amplify the creativity that exists within every human.



Surprising Angels, Interview with Terryl Givens

Brian’s recent interview with Terryl Givens of Faith Matters was entitled “Surprising Angels”. This program, from BYU's Maxwell Institute, is available in several formats, as shown below. The interview was recorded on September 27, 2018.



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Book Release of "Looking for Something"

We are pleased to announce the publication of a new retrospective of Brian's work by Unicorn Publishing.  From the recent press release, Unicorn stated "His figurative work explores a bewilderment of life with a mixture of melancholy and play that feels deeply and encouragingly human.  Looking for Something will include more than 200 color images of Kershisnik's most popular paintings as well as text that puts his work into the larger context of his age."  The book will be available in October 2018.  To read the full press release, click here.

All the World’s a Stage, and Brian Kershisnik Paints It

A recent article in 15 bytes by Shawn Rossiter offers a review of Brian’s recent show Le Péché du Magicien, new works by Brian Kershisnik, at the Meyer Gallery in Park City.  To read the full article, click here.


Advice for Artists, 5 Ideas from Brian Kershisnik

A casual conversation with Steve Olpin, filmmaker and producer of the series The Talking Fly. This advice is meant for anyone working or playing in creative fields.

Time Lapse: Descent from the Cross

A time lapse segment that offers a glimpse into the process behind Brian Kershisnik's 2012 piece, 'Descent from the Cross'. Captured by Ethan Vincent of Exile Productions.


w a t c h  m o r e


An Interview with Artist Brian Kershisnik, LDS Church History Department

"Joe and Brian" is a short documentary about the ongoing art collaboration between Joseph Adams and artist Brian Kershisnik, shot in Brian's studio in the small Utah town of Kanosh.

A short documentary about the collaboration of artist Brian Kershisnik and his friend Joe Adams.
Brian Kershisnik is a Mormon artist at work: at work on his paintings, on his faith, and on his family. The complications and beauty of this journey inspire his art. See more at

Made for New Vision Art, this short documentary gives you a peek into artist Brian's studio.


l i s t e n  m o r e


This Everything Creative interview features Cassandra Barney in the first half, and Brian about 30 minutes in. Enjoy!

Yep, that's Brian singing. To hear Tiny Bicycle Parade's entire album, click here. To learn more about Brian and Steve's band, click here.


r e a d  m o r e 


looking for something: Selected Works from Unicorn Press, 2018

Kershisnik: Painting from Life by Leslie Norris, Mark Magleby, and Brian Kershisnik

Cover image, Ensign, 2017

Utah artist Brian Kershisnik finds joy in discovery through art by Madalyn McRae, Deseret News, 2017

Q and A with Brian Kershisnik, 'Nativity' painter by Lee Benson, Deseret News, 2015

Brian Kershisnik: Artist Profile by Geoff Wichert, 15 Bytes, 2014

Angelic painting reminds Mormon mom she is not alone by Peggy Fletcher Stack, Salt Lake Tribune, 2014

Utah 2013 Winners by 15 Bytes, 15 Bytes, 2013 (make sure to watch the video at the end of the article)

Utah Faux Naive by Kev Nemelka, 15 Bytes, 2013

Painting for Story by Ben Fulton, Salt Lake Tribune, 2010

Kershisniked! Artist Brian Kershisnik's art is on display at Utah Museum of Fine Arts by Dave Gagon, Deseret News, 2007

If You Don't Buy It, We Will: Brian Kershisnik's Leslie Norris by Laura Durham, 15 Bytes, 2003

Wry and Witty Art by Dave Gagon, Deseret News, 2003

Painting the human condition by Dave Gagon, Deseret News, 2002