David Dee, Utah Museum of Fine Arts (2006)


How does one explain the popularity of Brian Kershisnik’s work?  We are drawn to it, intrigued by it, even occasionally mesmerized by these remarkable and sometimes humorous scenes.  We often see a scene or emotion to which we can relate, something familiar from our own lives.  Most of us, I would wager, carry on a dialogue with Brian as we live with or encounter his paintings.  “Did you really mean that?” or “I think you are right/wrong, but I can’t stop thinking about it.”  On the other hand, these paintings are not transparent – an air of mystery surrounds them.  As a result, we develop a curiosity that can never be entirely satisfied, and thus are drawn in again and again.  Above all, it is the human element – the artist’s hand evident on the canvas, as well as the joy, pain, and bewilderment which emanates from Brian’s work that keeps us anticipating what he will do next, and how we will respond.